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Rama loves making a positive change to people's lives. Can she make a difference to your charitable work? Do get in touch. We may not have big budgets, but we sure have big hearts and time. :)

Rama's love for charitable work and helping others probably came exclusively from her grandfather Late. Mr Dan Bahdaur/Dil Bahadur. Dan meaning charity and Dil meaning heart. Once on holiday to her village,her grandfather took her trekking/shopping to another village. One of the things he taught her was always give to others and if someone helps you in  time of need, make sure you help them back more in return. 

The next lesson was a bit misunderstood by little Rama. Her grandfather had said, after you look after yourself, paying your bills, and saving a bit, you need to set aside 10% of your savings to help your friends, 10% to help people in need and 10% for people in need. After losing her grandfather, Rama was volunteering 7 days a week for almost 3 years exhausting herself until her mother explained what the lesson was about.


After her grandfather's passing, Rama's parents suggested building a Thanti in memory of her grandfather. This was the first time she heard of the word but she volunteered to contribute towards the cost. Her uncle and the villagers played a big part in building the Thanti. In 2016, Rama decided to go on a solo trip to Nepal, visited her grandmother and  also the Thanti and realised what she had actually done. 

Thanti provides temporary shelter for travellers and passerby. In villages, people often herd their cattles in different areas and have to take water with them. With out thanti, in rainy seasons, it collects water. There is a tank buried underground where the water is  collected. As long as the previous user remembers to close the tap after using, it makes life a little bit easier :)

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