as a teacher and teaching assistant

2019 - Rama assists her Guru (teacher), Sanjay Guha, who is an established sitar artist renowned for performing rare ragas. She assists him in open classes to keep them in rhythm, teach them the right way to play the notes, make sure they are playing the correct notes. Sometimes, she assists the students whose age range from 8 to over 50s without her guru's guidance. She also fixes broken fret threads which is a skills she transferred from her jewellery making.

2013 - present - Freelance Nepalese Language Teacher

November 2014 - Learning Assistant, Peter Symonds College (ACE) - 

I assisted ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) teacher to run weekly lessons. I particularly helped students with learning difficulties to understand what they are learning in simpler words by giving examples and practicing.

 October 2014 - Nepali and English teacher, Winchester Discovery Centre

I taught Nepalese language to English speaking children and English language to Nepalese speaking elders every weekend. A significant improvement was seen in the elders writing of English.

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