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Are you self employed? or a small business owner? Rama might be able to help you prepare your end of year spreadsheet, and work simple profit/loss for each month and the year.

How it all Began

Rama's love for Mathematics and numbers started from a very young age. After the exams, the school would keep the answers of the top 3 students for every subject to refer to. Although an average student overall, Rama often scored Top 3 in Math, Nepali and English subjects in School.

She was first introduced to accounting in United Academy in Nepal where she was studying business management. Unfortunately, she had to discontinue her college in Nepal at the time but was fortunate to be able to join her army father in Brunei and continue her education in Brunei and then The UK.

Moving countries was a culture shock for her. Although, she had started college in Nepal, due to the different education grading system, she had to repeat GCE 'O' Level in Brunei and again do GCSE exams in the UK. Thankfully, in one of the class tests, she scored 100/100 in an algebra test after which the teachers decided she could continue A Level Maths while repeating other levels.

Rama- 'I would like to thank my teachers, Debbie, who noticed the algebra test and helped me to not have to repeat the GCSE and Catherine who later on helped me with Mechanics. I hardly made any improvement at that time but I appreciate her kindness till today.'

She made it to the University and failed every assignment. Yes. You read it correct. Back in Nepal, She would have guidance from friends and  relatives about what university was about and how the  assignments were done. As she did not have any learning difficulties, she did not receive any learning support from the university. She had bought many books, she would borrow books from the library, do extensive research and yet fail the assignments. Finally, during an exam for accounting, she scored 95/100. It was on the meeting to discuss the marks, she found out about 'referencing' in the assignments. :Later, she was not able to just pass her assignments, she got a 2:1 in Tourism and Events Management from Bournemouth and Poole College (Bournemouth University)and was the first person to have a graduation ceremony in her family.

'Thank you to Brian for introducing me to Accounting and Simon for showing me how to reference properly.'

Rama has been assisting small businesses and self employed individuals with their their yearly accounts since 2015. 

Among her accounting friends, she is sometimes lovingly called 'The  number  cruncher'.

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